Armordillo Glove


Armordillo Glove


Our most advanced glove to date! The Armordillo™ glove ensures 100% confidence on the job when cut & puncture resistance are essential.

Strategically placed, specially selected materials are combined to produce a glove which is both dexterous and protective even when sharp objects are common place.

A DuPont™ Kevlar® lining proves optimal slash resistance while a tough yet flexible goat skin leather is used on the palm to ensure effective grip and puncture protection. Armortex® is used in all key risk areas to provide an exterior shield against sharp edges and objects.

Armordillo gives the high durability of a regular Dirty Rigger® glove with extra insurance against cut related injuries.

Armordillo -The ultimate in cut resistance!

1 - Articulated material for increased flexibility
2 - Fully lined with DuPont™ Kevlar®
3 - ID Tag on wrist strap
4 - Armortex® shields key risk areas
5 - Puncture resistant leather palm
6 - Low profile palm padding

EN388 tested & certified against 
puncture and slash risks

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