5 Steps to Safety

J.R. Clancy - 2006 - From training to inspections to safety tools: 5 simple tips to consider for backstage safety.

Rigging 101: Knowing and operating your counterweight rigging system

Sight & Sound - September 2009Overview of rigging installation safety in houses of worship.

Rigging Safety - What school administration, teachers, and staff need to know

School Planning & Management - July 2008Overview of rigging safety in schools.

Counterweight Questions Answered

Protocol - Spring 2004  - It is important that owners and operators of counterweight rigging systems receive proper training.

Flying Safely

Teaching Theatre Magazine - Summer 2005  - All theatres need training on rigging system operation procedures, identification of equipment problems, and rigging inspections in schools.

School Stage and Auditorium Safety - Rigging

New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal News - Safety risks occur, but with proper training, maintenance and inspections, risks can be minimized.

School Stage and Auditorium Safety - Setting Standards

New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal News - Safety standards for protecting the audience and stage curtains.

The Show Must Go On...Safely

School Business Affairs - May 2004  - Don't overlook theatre inspections because theatre classes and programs are not held in regular classrooms. Ensure a safe production and environment by considering these points.

Eliminate the Danger Zone - Instructions for evaluation and development of a safety program

Protocol - Summer 2007  - Instructions for evaluation and development of a comprehensive safety program – includes a facility safety inspection checklist, topics to include in a safety manual and a listing of common hazards found in the entertainment industry.

Loading the Arbor - How to add counterweight without a loading bridge

Dramatics Magazine - April 2008Detailed options for safely maintaining control of a counterweight system when dealing with a theatre that does not have a loading bridge.

Making Safety a Priority for Your Theatrical Rigging

DramaBiz - January 2009  - "From a falling crescent wrench left on a sheet metal raceway to substituting rock climbing equipment for staging flying effects, theatres have not always put safety as a top priority when creating eye-popping treats for an audience." — Brent McWilliams

Safety & Security - What You Don't Know

School Planning & Management - May 2010  - Little known code requirements for K-12 theater and

auditorium stages.